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“No Context USA” Twitter Page Proves That There’s No Other Place Like It In The World, Here Are 40 Of Their Funniest Posts

The United States is a whole other world. From its enormous cars and cowboy-like freedom to the word “y’all” — and what’s up with the large restroom stall gaps? — there are so many little quirky things that the rest of the world simply can’t wrap their heads around. No wonder the land of opportunity often finds itself in the spotlight where people try to decipher the perplexities of the American lifestyle.

And if you really want to get a full picture of the world in the US, you have to see its weirder sides too. So good news to all the fellow fans of the American way of life! Today, we have a real treat that comes in the form of a ‘No Context USA’ Twitter account. This online destination offers a wild collection filled with entertaining, bizarre, and hilarious pictures, and we firmly believe that people who bleed blue, white, and red will also appreciate the tongue-in-cheek comments about their beloved nation.

“God bless America,” says its description, and hey, thanks for being the perfect source of entertainment! Continue scrolling to check it all out, upvote your favorite posts, and don’t miss the chat we had about American stereotypes with travel writer and blogger from the US, Megan Starr.












Whether you’re local or not, you’re well aware that the internet’s obsession with the United States has gone beyond control. And the ideas about the American way of life have become pretty polarizing, with different sides blaring their truths without a second thought. While opinions about the country are usually far from great, it’s clear that not all typically American characteristics are negative.

So to gain more insight from someone who knows what they’re talking about, we reached out to Megan Starr who is originally from Virginia, US. She is one of the voices behind the acclaimed travel blog called Megan & Aram that’s dedicated purely to visiting Scandinavia, the Eastern bloc, and beyond. Before going on her adventures to explore and learn more about the world, she also traveled across the US, visiting every undeniably beautiful corner from Hawaii to the Great Lakes.











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