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Man Gets Upset With His Wife Who Ate His Whole Birthday Cake Because He Left Her Alone To Celebrate His 30th Birthday With His Parents

What usually causes a family drama? Well, literally anything. A carpetschildrenadulterylack of understanding with relatives… Perhaps these problems occur most often among the root causes of disagreements in couples, but in today’s story, birthday cake was one of the reasons as well.

However, cakes come in different flavors. For example, we know another tale in which a husband had been preparing the same cherry cake for his birthday throughout the years, and when his wife tried to buy him a different cake one year, he simply stood up to the stove and baked his favorite one instead. Today’s narrative isn’t all that funny, but rather sad. However, let’s quickly investigate it.

The original post appeared in the AITA Reddit community quite recently, but has already managed to collect more than 16.1K upvotes and about 3.6K different comments – mostly sympathetic to the author. Indeed, the situation in which she found herself is far from good.

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The author of the post doesn’t get along with her husband’s family at all, according to her own words

Man Gets Upset With His Wife Who Ate His Whole Birthday Cake Because He Left Her Alone To Celebrate His 30th Birthday With His Parents

Image credits: Garry Knight (not the actual photo)

So, the author of the original post, in her own words, doesn’t get along with her husband’s family at all. We don’t know how it started, but, unfortunately, it has happened often. Sometimes one of his relatives expects something completely different from what she and her husband choose to do, and when these expectations come into conflict with reality, reproaches and scandals begin.

Man Gets Upset With His Wife Who Ate His Whole Birthday Cake Because He Left Her Alone To Celebrate His 30th Birthday With His Parents

Image credits: Sou654689

The in-laws even dared to blame the woman for a miscarriage that happened several months ago, so she just cut off all relations with them

Sometimes a son-in-law or daughter-in-law doesn’t do enough to mend their relationship with their in-laws, but other times, however they try, the same old plot is repeated over and over again, year after year, from couple to couple. And this happened in our heroine’s family – moreover, the woman was also blamed for the fact that she had a miscarriage a few months ago. Not surprisingly, the Original Poster decided to cut off all relations with the in-laws altogether and stopped attending their gatherings and events.

Image credits: Sou654689

But in anticipation of her husband’s 30th jubilee, the OP suddenly had to acknowledge his family. She wanted her husband to celebrate his birthday with her, but the man said that he had a long-standing tradition of spending this day with his family, and his relatives would be offended if he did not at least show up at their place.

Image credits: Sou654689

The author’s husband decided to start celebrating his 30th birthday at his parents’ house and then return to his wife

The husband then suggested a compromise option, in his opinion – he would go to his parents’ house, spend some time with them, and then return to his wife, and they’d continue celebrating together. As the OP admits, she was not happy with such an idea, but what could be done here? So the birthday guy left to celebrate, and his wife was left at home alone, along with a recently bought birthday cake.

Image credits: Sou654689

When the husband left, the woman felt so terrible that she just took the birthday cake and ate it entirely

As the OP admits, while she was waiting for her husband, she was completely upset. She tried to call him, but his phone seemed to be switched off. The frustrated woman went to the living room, took the cake and simply began to eat it. “Guess I was so angry and it made me hungry”, the OP remembers. So by the time her husband arrived, it turned out that the entire cake had already been eaten.

Image credits: Piktour UK (not the actual photo)

And then the man got angry. As it turned out, he deliberately did not eat the cake baked for him by his parents – firstly, there were many children who also wanted sweets, and secondly, he knew that a cake from his wife was waiting for him at home. And now the man could not find anything better than to pour out his indignation on his wife. When she reminded him that she actually bought the cake with her own money, the husband called her petty and nuts. So just another family drama with weird accusations against the actual injured party.

The husband blew up at his wife, calling her petty and nuts, though people in the comments supported her massively, claiming the hubby himself is a problem

However, people in the comments completely sided with the Original Poster, claiming that she was not to blame for this situation. Moreover, according to the commenters, it is the OP’s hubby who is completely in the wrong here. “What kind of person prioritizes, let alone speaks to people that blamed his wife for miscarrying?” the commenters ask, arguing that the OP was absolutely right in avoiding any dealing with her toxic in-laws.

According to some commenters, there are so many red flags there that they just don’t know where to begin. If the OP’s husband doesn’t support her in confrontation with his abusive relatives, then he is actually the problem. And throwing a fit over a birthday cake after losing a different battle over different cake with kids seems totally unreasonable as well, according to people in the comments.

Image credits: (not the actual photo)

We’re pretty sure you’ve already made up your own mind about this particular situation, so please feel free to express it below this post. Comments are highly appreciated, as usual.

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