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If it weren’t for our parents, we probably wouldn’t be where we are today. These are the people who dedicated years of their lives to raising us, and for that, we’ll always be grateful. However, just because we love them like nothing else, that doesn’t mean we can’t sometimes laugh at them for acting clueless.

What do you mean?

Words seem to be so much effort nowadays. That’s why so many things are shortened into acronyms, like “IDK” for “I Don’t Know” and “TTYL” for “Talk To You Later.” They make messaging one another so much quicker, provided the person you’re talking to knows what they mean.

What do you mean?

It’s safe to say that this mother doesn’t fit in that category, hence why she asked her child to explain them. Unfortunately, she misunderstood her kid’s response as them also not knowing, so she decided to ask their sister instead.

You only live once

The chances are that you’re familiar with the acronym “YOLO.” It stands for “You Only Live Once” and is what people love to say when they want to justify doing something crazy. This mom is presumably familiar with the term, or at least knows that it’s a popular saying.

You only live once

That’s presumably why she threw it out when telling her child to be careful driving on icy roads. It came across a little more sinister than perhaps intended, though, with the reply informing her it’s not meant to be a warning.

You forgot your phone

The chances of someone leaving their phone anywhere nowadays are slim to none. After all, so many people are basically attached to these devices that they wouldn’t be able to lose them if they tried. However, it appears that one person did manage to forget their phone at home, leaving their dad to stumble upon it.

The man figured the best thing to do was to let their child know they’d forgotten the device. However, it seems they made a pretty clueless mistake when trying to do that.

For the likes

With social media sites so popular nowadays, people have gotten into the habit of constantly sharing photos of themselves. Some of these pictures are more artistic shots designed to attract likes, much like this one. Unfortunately, it seems some parents aren’t familiar with this concept.

For the likes

That’s why, when this mom saw her son’s photo, she couldn’t appreciate what he’d done with his hand. She told him to snap another shot that didn’t cover his face, thereby defeating the point of the picture in the first place.

He will be missed

Emojis are a great way to express emotion when you’re not talking to someone face to face. They can really transform the tone of a message, which can be crucial if you want people to know when you’re joking.

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